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Your ultimate destination for leadership and business education in the digital age. As a leading Edtech academy, we specialize in offering a wide range of courses and programs designed to unlock your full leadership potential, while also providing valuable insights into business learning, strategies, and rebranding education.
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About LIBL Academy

LIBL Academy is a premier leadership and business education institution specializing in providing cutting-edge insights and practical skills for leaders in the digital age. With a focus on the ever-evolving business landscape, our expert instructors ensure that you have the knowledge and tools to excel in today’s competitive market. We believe in building people; people will build systems. Join us and embark on a journey of growth and transformation.

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Leadership Intelligence Course

Embark on a transformative journey with our Leadership Intelligence Course, a beacon of innovation in leadership education. This course transcends conventional boundaries, immersing participants in a dynamic curriculum

Business Intelligence Course

Unlock the power of strategic insights with our Business Intelligence Course, where data meets leadership excellence. This course is meticulously designed to equip participants with the analytical skills and business acumen needed to navigate complex market.

Teens Leadership Intelligence Course

Nurture the leaders of tomorrow with our Teens Leadership Intelligence Course, a dynamic and empowering journey designed exclusively for young minds. This course goes beyond education, instilling essential skills, and adaptability in teenagers.

Kingdom Leadership Program

Step into a transformative experience with our Kingdom Leadership Program, where leadership meets purpose-driven impact. This program is designed to empower individuals with a calling for leadership within a kingdom context.

Virtual Secondary School Home Lesson

An innovative and engaging learning experience tailored for secondary school students. In this virtual classroom environment, we bring the school directly to your home, ensuring continuity in education without compromising quality.

Teachers’ Training

Tailored for both aspiring and experienced educators, this program delves into cutting-edge teaching methodologies, student engagement strategies, and the integration of technology in the classroom. Our Teachers’ Training equips participants with the skills needed to create dynamic and inclusive learning environments.

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Stand Out with Our Unique Value Propositions

Flexible Learning

Our programs offer flexible learning options, allowing you to study at your own pace and convenience.

Expert Instructors

Learn from industry-leading experts who provide cutting-edge insights and practical skills.

Tailored Curriculum

Our courses and programs are tailored to address the specific challenges of the digital age.

Customized Learning Path

We acknowledge that leadership isn’t one-size-fits-all. Our programs offer customizable learning paths, allowing individuals to tailor their education based on their specific career goals, industry focus, or leadership style, ensuring a personalized and effective learning experience.

Global Impact, Local Relevance

Our Academy takes pride in its global reach while maintaining a strong focus on local relevance. We celebrate diversity and inclusivity, infusing global perspectives into our curriculum while addressing the unique needs of the African community and other diverse backgrounds.

Holistic Approach to Leadership

stands out by offering a holistic approach to leadership development. Rather than focusing solely on theoretical knowledge, our programs integrate practical applications, emotional intelligence training, and innovative thinking, ensuring a well-rounded skill set for our graduates.


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Embark on a transformative journey with our Leadership Intelligence Course, a beacon of innovation in leadership education. This course transcends conventional boundaries, immersing participants in a dynamic curriculum that integrates strategic thinking, emotional intelligence, and adaptive leadership.



Delve into the heart of leadership dynamics, honing emotional intelligence for navigating complexities with empathy and resilience. Uncover the power of effective communication strategies, mastering the art of fostering collaboration and wielding influence. With a meticulously designed curriculum, this course empowers you with the multifaceted skills required to thrive in the dynamic business landscape, shaping you into a visionary leader capable of driving meaningful and impactful change.

The gamechangers

Our faculty

Mr. Olanrewaju Jaiyeola

(MD, Honeywell Flour Mills)

Mr. Olakunle Ashiru

(Founder, Dads Youniversity)

Mr. Bayo Ajayi

(CFO, Rand Merchant Bank)

Barrister Olatunji (SAN)

(Senior Advocate of Nigeria)

Mrs. Akomolafe

(Elder Stateswoman)

Mrs. Roselyn Onalaja

(CEO, Stresert Services Limited)

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The 8th Wonder!

Building people and systems! Just like the wonders that have captivated humanity for centuries, our unique approach to personal and professional development is awe-inspiring. Our programs are designed to build not only individuals but also robust systems that drive success. Join us on this extraordinary journey and become a part of history in the making!

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