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Prepare to be inspired by our esteemed lineup of speakers at the Leadership Intelligence 2024 conference. These visionary leaders have carved their paths to success through unwavering determination, innovative thinking, and a deep understanding of what it takes to navigate the ever-evolving business landscape. From seasoned executives to rising stars, our speakers will share their invaluable insights, proven strategies, and thought-provoking perspectives on effective leadership, strategic decision-making, and driving organizational growth. Get ready to embark on a transformative journey that will elevate your leadership prowess and unlock new horizons of success.


Dr. Olusoji Adewumi

Dr. Olusoji Adewumi is a renowned figure in the education and e-learning sector, currently serving as a Senior Lecturer at the University of Lagos. His expertise spans educational technology, cybersecurity, forensics, and artificial intelligence, making him a sought-after public speaker and workshop facilitator. Dr. Adewumi has played a crucial role in advancing digital literacy in Nigeria’s higher education system, conducting extensive training workshops for university staff on digital technologies.

His commitment to education and pioneering work in digital technologies have earned him a reputation as a forward-thinking and influential educational facilitator. Dr. Adewumi’s influence extends beyond academia, as he has delivered impactful presentations on IT and cybersecurity-related subjects at prestigious local and international forums and conferences. Notably, he participated in the 4th International Conference on Education and New Learning Technologies (EDULEARN 12) in Barcelona, Spain. Dr. Adewumi has fostered collaborations with organizations like Siemens Stiftung, the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ), and the German Industry and Commerce delegation in Nigeria (AHK Nigeria). He served as a facilitator for the transformative “Be-MINT” (Mentoring, Inspiring, Nurturing, and Transforming) project, aimed at empowering 304 talented teenagers.

Mr. Muyiwa Fasakin

Muyiwa Fasakin is a certified life coach, trainer, consultant, and author of several life-changing books. He is renowned as one of the world’s most sought-after creative intelligence experts, having trained over 100 certified coaches globally. Initially a university economics professor for seven years, Fasakin transitioned into coaching and founded the School of Creativity Nigeria, where he serves as the head coach.

As a John Maxwell certified coach, trainer, and speaker, Fasakin has facilitated numerous training programs in Nigeria and internationally. He is the convener and founder of the World Change Summit with members worldwide. Additionally, he leads Sure Success Consultancy and Coaching Academy as the principal consultant and coach. Fasakin has organized various summits, including the Jos Graduate Summit, Jos Entrepreneurship Strategic Summit, and strategic sessions in Lagos, Port Harcourt, and Liberia. Fasakin has introduced several groundbreaking models across various fields, such as the RAPTED Model of Creative Intelligence, PRAAG Model of Change Management, CAPAPOLE Approach to Innovative Teaching, Seven Dimensions of Creativity, Workforce Innovation Model: The TRIGA Factor, and the SICKLE Approach to Creating your Future.

The award-winning lecturer and founder has convened the United Nations World Creativity and Innovation Day for four years. He has been a resource person for the Chartered Institute of Stockbrokers in Nigeria and has lectured at prestigious institutions like Miami University Oxford, Ohio, USA. Fasakin is the first African to facilitate at the International Creativity Bootcamp, Philippines Society for Quality Monthly Meetings, Robotics Club of Sri Lanka, and Hypnotique Circle India.

Pastor Belemina Obunge

Belemina Tubodieari Obunge was born on September 30, 1962 in Onitsha, Nigeria to Sir Daye Dagogo Obunge, a Nigerian ambassador, and Lady Emma Sokari Obunge. Growing up, he lived in several countries due to his father’s diplomatic postings. He obtained a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering from the University of Ife and a master’s in educational leadership from Roehampton University.

Obunge joined the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) in 1983 and has served in various leadership roles including state pastor for Rivers and Bayelsa states, national youth pastor, assistant to the general overseer, director of the Central Missions Board, and pastor overseeing RCCG in Rivers State. He has established RCCG parishes across Africa, Asia, Europe, the Americas, Australia and the Caribbean. His ministries emphasize integrity, youth development, service and love for God. Obunge founded The Redeemed Leadership Centre to raise responsible citizens. He has rescued, nurtured and supported thousands of vulnerable youth across Nigeria and Africa, including the actor Charles Granville.

Apostle Elijah Olopade

Apostle Elijah Olopade is an internationally sought-after keynote minister, renowned for his undeniable Grace manifested through his ministration of accurate prophecies, word of knowledge, healings, and strange miracles, all of which bear testimony to the powerful word of God operating in his life. His ministry is marked by a profound anointing that transcends borders and touches the lives of countless individuals, igniting a renewed passion for the Lord and a deeper understanding of His ways.

As the lead pastor of House of Encounter Ministries, Apostle Olopade’s unwavering commitment to fostering a genuine connection between man and God is evident in every aspect of his ministry. He is the visionary behind the monthly Night of Encounters, a life-transforming event that has become a beacon of hope and spiritual renewal for many. Additionally, his God of Elijah and Ondo Apostolic Invasion events have garnered widespread acclaim, drawing multitudes of believers seeking a deeper and more intimate relationship with their Creator. Beyond his ministerial duties, Apostle Olopade is a mentor, father, and watcher who has brought up and nurtured a multitude of people under his tutelage. His wisdom, guidance, and unwavering commitment to nurturing the next generation of leaders have left an indelible mark on the lives of those he has mentored, equipping them to carry the torch of faith and impact the world around them.

Pastor Kunle Ashiru

‘Kunle Ashiru is an accomplished project manager and training consultant with over 20 years of experience. He holds prestigious certifications like PMP, CMS, and CTC. Ashiru has demonstrated leadership through roles like Mentor and Board Support Director for the Project Management Institute Northern Alberta Chapter.

Currently, he serves on the National board of Calvary Ministries (CAPRO) in Canada. Ashiru is also the President/Founder of Dad Youniversity Foundation, a non-profit providing mentorship resources for men. He founded CENTRAINE, a global firm offering training and consultancy to empower the next generation of project leaders. Ashiru’s commitment extends to community service. He volunteered extensively as a minister/coordinator with RCCG Glory Worship Center in Lagos, nurturing and teaching teenagers principles of purposeful living. He has authored two books – ‘One Week in Prayer’ and an accompanying journal.

Through his diverse roles spanning professional excellence, community engagement, and personal growth initiatives, Ashiru exemplifies true leadership. His impact as a mentor, trainer, and changemaker is felt across organizations, inspiring those around him. Ashiru’s multifaceted endeavors in project management, ministry, non-profit work, and authorship reflect his passion for service and empowering others.

Pastor Dele Osunmakinde

Pastor Dele Osunmakinde is a renowned Nigerian pastor, author, nation-builder, and transformational leader. He began his ministry journey as a youth pastor in 1995. In 2005, he founded The Baptizing Church Abuja, which grew into a thriving New Testament church in Nigeria’s capital under his leadership.

After five years leading The Baptizing Church Abuja, Osunmakinde handed over to his partner Dr. Daniel Ufaruna and they founded a sister church, The Baptizing Church Lagos. His ministry has impacted many lives in Nigeria, mentoring several pastors and leaders. In addition to his church work, Osunmakinde founded Lead Africa International, a non-profit organization dedicated to raising transformational leaders across Africa through leadership training programs and conferences. Beyond ministry, Osunmakinde is an author, researcher, husband and father. He is recognized as a nation-builder working to develop effective leaders and positive community impact in Nigeria and broader Africa.

Pastor Gideon Mba

is an Apostolic leader with an emphasis on mobilizing the church to rise to her place of influence and impact in society. He is committed to raising the next generation of kingdom-centric leaders.

He presides over Choice Souls Media, an interdenominational movement that has empowered thousands of believers for kingdom advance in different spheres. He is the Lead Pastor of Manifold International Church, a missional city church in the heart of Lagos Nigeria. He is the Convener of the annual national day of prayer for the next generation in Nigeria called “Somebody Pray”. He is also leading a nationwide campus tour known as “the move” with thousands of young people reached and empowered for God’s kingdom.
He continues to teach, train, preach, and empower the body of Christ globally through His itinerant and media ministry.

Mr. Peace Bamidele

Peace Bamidele is a seasoned development expert with vast experience in education, learning & development, and project management. Holding a Master’s in Educational Management & Planning, he has spearheaded numerous impactful initiatives. As Program Director of Edu-Aid, he implemented over 20 education initiatives across 50 schools, coordinating a team of 500+ volunteers.

As Project Lead of Data Science Nigeria, Bamidele launched a UNESCO-recognized Mastercard Foundation-sponsored EdTech platform serving over 1 million students. He has also served as Schools Country Director for Bridge Nigeria, managing 500+ school leaders and staff across 46 primary schools. Bamidele has authored two books, consulted for over 25 companies, organized 10+ seminars/webinars, and trained over 7,000 professionals from various sectors. He has collaborated with three state governments to draft policy statements and facilitate training programs.

A regular conference speaker, Bamidele addresses topics like the future of work, positioning for success in education and employment. He has spoken at prominent platforms such as Union Bank Edu360, Edu-Aid’s Lagos Teachers’ Conference, and more. Additionally, Bamidele has launched several initiatives, including the Soft Skills Conference, National Social and Emotional Learning Conference, online courses, and authored books on education. With a passion for execution, strong leadership qualities, and a keen eye for detail, he is a result-driven professional dedicated to driving positive change.

Pastor Ralph Segun Dada

Ralph Segun Dada (RSD) is an assiduous development enthusiast and a seasoned leadership expert driven by a divine mandate to impart principles of purpose and fulfillment drawn from the Word of God. He is a gifted, graced, and proficient teacher, trainer, mentor, and motivator who has honed his skills through several prestigious personal development and leadership programs.

RSD has undergone training from esteemed institutions such as the Lagos Business School (LBS), Daystar Leadership Academy, and Word of Faith Bible Institute. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Accountancy, complementing his extensive leadership expertise with a solid academic foundation. At Daystar Christian Centre in Lagos, Nigeria, RSD serves as an Associate Pastor, faculty member, and facilitator at the Daystar Leadership Academy. His areas of specialization include Leadership, Leadership Development, Entrepreneurship, Dynamics of Vision, Delegation Strategies, Financial Management, and Excellence-Oriented Organization, among many others. Beyond his ministerial and leadership roles, RSD is a multifaceted individual who has also made his mark as an author, conference speaker, and musician, using various platforms to inspire and uplift others on their personal and professional journeys.

Mr. Timon Oviawe

Timon Oviawe is a multifaceted life coach and trainer who approaches personal and professional development through the lens of emotional intelligence. With a unique perspective that combines emotional awareness and skill-building, he crafts impactful training initiatives that empower individuals to reach their full potential.

Oviawe’s expertise is backed by a robust educational background and a diverse array of certifications. He holds a certification from the prestigious Center for Management Development (CMD), which has equipped him with the necessary tools and techniques to deliver transformative training programs. Additionally, he is a certified Emotional Intelligence Coach (EICC) and a certified practitioner in Emotional Intelligence (EICP), demonstrating his deep understanding of the role emotions play in personal and professional success. Furthermore, Oviawe is a licensed marriage and relationship counselor, underscoring his commitment to fostering healthy interpersonal dynamics and nurturing strong personal connections. This aspect of his expertise enables him to offer comprehensive support, addressing both personal and professional aspects of an individual’s life.

With his unique blend of emotional intelligence, leadership expertise, and relationship counseling skills, Timon Oviawe is well-equipped to guide individuals on their journeys of self-discovery, personal growth, and professional development. His holistic approach ensures that clients receive tailored support, empowering them to unlock their full potential and achieve lasting success.

Dr. Seyi Obembe

Dr. Seyi Obembe is a pioneering figure in the field of addiction treatment and recovery, serving as a medical doctor, experienced addiction counselor, trainer, public speaker, and the visionary founder of Addictions Recovery Clinic – the first online rehabilitation platform in Africa. With a deep commitment to helping individuals overcome the challenges of addiction, he has pioneered innovative approaches that have yielded remarkable success rates.

As a medical doctor, Dr. Obembe brings a wealth of clinical knowledge and expertise to the realm of addiction treatment, ensuring a comprehensive and holistic approach to patient care. His extensive experience as an addiction counselor and trainer has equipped him with invaluable insights into the psychological, emotional, and behavioral aspects of addiction, enabling him to provide personalized guidance and support to those seeking recovery. Through his powerful public speaking engagements, Dr. Obembe has raised awareness about the complexities of addiction and the importance of seeking professional help. His ability to connect with audiences on a profound level has inspired countless individuals to embark on their journeys towards sobriety and healing.

The crowning achievement of Dr. Obembe’s trailblazing efforts is the establishment of Addictions Recovery Clinic, an online rehabilitation platform that has revolutionized addiction treatment in Africa. With a remarkable 95% success rate, this groundbreaking initiative has shattered barriers and provided accessible, effective support to individuals struggling with addiction across the continent. Dr. Obembe’s unwavering dedication, coupled with his multidisciplinary expertise and innovative approach, has positioned him as a beacon of hope for those grappling with the challenges of addiction. His tireless efforts have not only transformed countless lives but have also paved the way for a more compassionate and effective addiction treatment landscape in Africa.

Omooba Deji Irawo

Deji is a seasoned multi-channel media executive with an impressive career spanning nearly three decades in the television broadcast industry. His extensive experience has honed his expertise in navigating the intricacies of the ever-evolving media landscape, positioning him as a respected authority in his field.

However, Deji’s professional accomplishments extend beyond the realm of media and broadcasting. He has carved out a unique niche as a male resource person, dedicating his efforts to addressing the often-overlooked issue of emotional male dysfunction. With a profound understanding of the complexities surrounding men’s emotional well-being, Deji has become a advocate for male emotional health. Collaborating with various men’s networks across Nigeria, Deji has been at the forefront of initiatives aimed at raising awareness, providing support, and fostering open dialogues on the subject. His writing serves as a powerful medium through which he shares his insights, offering guidance and encouragement to men grappling with emotional challenges.

Deji’s multifaceted roles as a media executive and male advocate reflect his commitment to using his platform and influence to effect positive change. His ability to seamlessly navigate the worlds of media and social advocacy highlight his versatility and adaptability, enabling him to reach diverse audiences and drive impactful conversations. Based in Lagos, Nigeria, Deji’s work has resonated with men from all walks of life, fostering a sense of community and providing a safe space for vulnerable discussions. His efforts have not only shed light on an often-overlooked aspect of male well-being but have also paved the way for greater understanding, acceptance, and support for men facing emotional challenges.

Dr. Opeyemi Ojesina

Opeyemi Ojesina is a performance-driven Products Development and Training Executive with over two decades years of experience, mostly spent in the Financial Services Industry. Presently, he oversees and give strategic direction to Unity Bank Plc’s retail & SME Banking business A graduate of Agricultural Economics from the University of Agriculture, Abeokuta, Ogun State. He also holds a doctorate degree (Ph.D) from the prestigous Edinburgh Napier University Scotland.

Opeyemi has attended various professional and developmental conferences and courses at Harvard Business School, Imperial College, London, Georgia Tech Research Institute, Atlanta and the Lagos Business School, London Business School etc. – He holds membership of the following Institutes – Fellow, Institute of Credit Administrators – Fellow, Institute of Chartered Economists of Nigeria – Fellow, Institute of Strategic Management of Nigeria (Chartered) – Member, Nigerian Institute of Management (Chartered) – Member, Chartered Management Institute, United Kingdom – Member, Chartered Institute of Marketing, United Kingdom A motivational speaker, trainer, facilitator and rapporteur at various leadership and strategy fora, Opeyemi has cut a niche for himself in the areas of Leadership development, Product development and Youth mentoring. Opeyemi is a conference speaker and rapporteur at various strategic fora.

Mr. Olasanmi Ayodeji

Ayodeji Olasanmi is a highly experienced Leadership Intelligence Course Trainer with a strong academic background. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in English Education and a Master’s degree in English Language from the esteemed University of Lagos, Nigeria.

Throughout his career, Ayodeji has made significant contributions in various sectors, including education and the Church. He is widely recognized as the founder of the annual Lagos Prays event, a prayer walk that brings the community together in a spirit of unity and faith. Additionally, he is the driving force behind the leadershipwitholasanmi initiative, which aims to empower individuals through leadership development. As the CEO of Olasanmi Home Tutors, Ayodeji oversees a range of educational services, including tutoring, coaching, consulting, and training. He previously served as the Administrative Director at Dadyouniversity and currently holds the role of Executive Director at LIBL Academy.

Ayodeji’s passion for leadership development is reflected in his commitment to continuous learning. He has completed numerous leadership training programs, including earning a Leadership Training Certificate from the Daystar Leadership Academy. Beyond his professional accomplishments, Ayodeji is a devoted husband and proud father of three daughters. His dedication to his family, work, and community exemplifies his unwavering commitment to making a positive impact on those around him.

Dr. Olusegun Akanji

With over two decades in the formal workspace, Olusegun’s experience in financial services cover commercial, investment banking and insurance. Within the investment banking space, he was part of a number of notable transactions as financial advisers.
He acquired consulting exposure as strategy and business transformation subject matter expert working with leading global firms – Accenture and Deloitte. He is passionate about capital and market formation, business transformation, innovation and project finance across sectors with interest in real estate and small growing businesses. He is an alumnus of the Wharton University Real Estate Centre and Harvard Business School’s Leading Change and Organization Renewal (LCOR).

He holds a B.Sc and M.Sc from the University of Lagos. He is an MBA alumnus of Lagos State University and University of Bangor, UK. He is an associate member of the Nigeria Institute of Management, Chartered Institute of Bankers of Nigeria and Scotland. He is a Fellow of the Institute of Credit Administration, Nigeria. He recently concluded his Doctoral Program in Credit Management.
He currently leads the Strategy and Business Solutions Division at Heritage Bank. He led the project management for the market re-entry of the Bank and also facilitated the acquisition of the former Enterprise Bank. He was responsible for the business combination of both banks to form the new Heritage Bank. Olusegun is a regular TV analyst on business and economic issues in Nigeria. He volunteers as a facilitator with a number of organizations focused on small growing businesses. He is a Clean Development Mechanism Coach with the Private Financing Advisory Network.
Among many awards in recognition of his passionate commitment to excellence, he emerged as the 2005 National winner of the Young Managers Award under the auspices of the Nigeria Institute of Management. Recently, he was awarded the 2018 Credit Professional of the Year by the Institute of Credit Administration.

Mr. Seun Adejumobi

Seun Adejumobi has carved a niche for himself in the Nigerian Gospel film industry. His face has become synonymous with impactful Christian movies, especially after his standout performance as the lead character in Mount Zion’s biographical film, “The Train,” which chronicles the life of Mike Bamiloye. While many view Seun as a mentor and role model, others eagerly anticipate his appearance in any Gospel film they watch.

Seun Adejumobi wears the hat of CEO at Fruit Bearers Films, a production company committed to creating impactful Christian content. Seun’s journey in Christian drama led him to the Mount Zion Institute of Christian Drama, where he honed his acting skills. Surprisingly, Seun’s educational path diverged from the arts. He studied Marine Engineering at the Institute of Oceanography, Victoria Island, Lagos.

Seun’s portrayal of Mike Bamiloye in “The Train” left an indelible mark on audiences. His dedication to character brought the story to life. With an impressive filmography, Seun has produced a total of 20 movies, spanning both short and full-length features.

Mr. Kolawole Ajayi

Kolawole Oluwafemi Ajayi is an adept administrative services and facility manager with a knack for leading high-performing teams in multinational settings. With a keen eye for emerging technology and a creative approach to business, Kolawole drives efficiency and effectiveness in operations while reducing costs and enhancing service quality. He excels in motivational leadership, mentoring, and coaching, leveraging his expertise to inspire and guide others to success.
Beyond his administrative prowess, Kolawole is a certified life coach and mentor, offering guidance and support to numerous individuals seeking personal and professional growth. Additionally, he is a Google-certified digital marketer with a keen interest in affiliate marketing and dropshipping, utilizing his expertise to explore new avenues for business expansion and revenue generation. As a passionate YouTuber with three active and growing channels, Kolawole shares valuable insights, experiences, and expertise, further establishing himself as a thought leader in his field.
Committed to continuous learning and development, Kolawole holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology and certifications in logistics, transportation, and digital marketing. He is a member of prestigious professional bodies such as the Nigeria Institute of Management and the Chartered Institute of Transport and Logistics UK, reflecting his dedication to excellence and ongoing professional advancement.

Pastor Segun Ariyo

Segun Ariyo heeded the call to ministry in 1986 and currently oversees Potter’s House Christian Mission, a non-denominational Christian organization. Responding to God’s call, he established a ministry and made the pivotal decision to close his firm on December 20, 1995. In March 1996, the ministry began as Good Report Ministries, a church-denomination, but in April 2006, it transitioned into Potter’s House Christian Mission, a non-denominational Christian ministry with the simple yet profound goal of building lives, raising homes, and touching nations for Christ through the preaching of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and discipleship.

Ariyo, who refers to himself as a disciple, is a highly sought-after Word teacher, frequently invited to share his insights and knowledge at Christian gatherings, conferences, and conventions. His profound understanding of the Scriptures and ability to connect with audiences make him a powerful force in spreading the message of Christ.

Beyond his ministerial duties, Ariyo serves as the coordinator of the Potter’s House Christian Mission Summer School, an annual free summer coaching program for secondary school students from surrounding towns. This initiative, which began in August 2014, provides free educational resources, including Big Notes, Mathematical Sets, and textbooks, as well as scholarships for exceptional students, demonstrating Ariyo’s commitment to giving back to society.

Mr. Segun Babatunde

Segun Babatunde epitomizes the essence of leadership and dedication as the AGM, Business Operations at one of Nigeria’s foremost Agritech companies. He stands as a beacon of professionalism and inspiration within the organization and beyond.

Segun’s leadership style transcends mere management; he ignites passion and fosters growth among his colleagues and mentees. His innate ability to uplift others has transformed mentees into mentors and colleagues into leaders, leaving an indelible mark on those fortunate enough to work alongside him—always ready to share wisdom or a word of encouragement. Segun’s dedication to nurturing young minds extends beyond the confines of his workplace. He firmly believes in the potential for greatness within every individual and devotes himself to unlocking that potential, one person at a time.

Within the company, Segun is not just a manager; he is a visionary. His extensive experience and exceptional leadership skills ensure that operations run seamlessly, targets are not merely met but surpassed, and a culture of innovation thrives. Segun’s ethos revolves around the idea that personal achievement is intrinsically linked to the growth we cultivate in others. He lives by the principle that in giving, we receive; in teaching, we learn; and in leading, we discover the path to our own betterment. His impact resonates, leaving an enduring legacy of leadership, mentorship, and unwavering dedication to excellence.

Mr. Osiriame Momodu

Osiriame Momodu is a seasoned and accomplished professional who currently serves as the Head of Advisory Services and Strategy at Interswitch Group, a prominent financial services company. With a demonstrated history of delivering exceptional results in the financial services industry, Momodu has established himself as a strategic leader par excellence.

In his pivotal role at Interswitch Group, Momodu is responsible for a broad spectrum of critical functions that drive the organization’s growth and success. His responsibilities encompass strategy planning, development, and execution of special initiatives and projects that are intrinsically linked to data management, utilization, and insight generation. Additionally, he plays a crucial role in group coordination, performance tracking, operational excellence, and business expansion, with a particular focus on African markets. Momodu’s expertise extends far beyond his current role, as he possesses a wealth of experience in various competencies, including management, project, and business analysis skills. He has honed his ability to leverage a diverse array of tools and systems, enabling him to navigate complex challenges with ease and deliver planned and strategic solutions that yield tangible results.

Momodu’s educational background is equally impressive, having earned a Master’s degree in Systems Engineering from the prestigious University of Lagos. This advanced degree has equipped him with a deep understanding of complex systems and the ability to analyze and optimize processes for maximum efficiency and effectiveness. Throughout his career, Momodu has consistently demonstrated a strong commitment to professional excellence. His ability to lead cross-functional teams, foster collaboration, and drive strategic initiatives has earned him a reputation as a respected and influential leader within the industry.

Dr. (Pst) Akin Akinpelu

Dr. Akin Akinpelu is an official member of Forbes Coaches Council, Performance Coach, Development Consultant, author of several books and keynote speaker. His purpose is to discover, develop and deploy people & systems to their full potential. He is the CEO of Akin Akinpelu Learning & Development(AAL&D), an innovative consulting, training and research-driven company demonstrating expertise in the service industry per excellence.

He has consulted for many organizations and addressed more than 700,000 people in talks, training, and coaching throughout Nigeria, Ghana, the UK, Canada, Finland, Sweden, Estonia, the UAE, the USA, and many other countries worldwide. He has helped to facilitate development projects, sister city collaboration, and public-private partnerships & cooperation amongst communities. Dr. Akin Akinpelu speaks to governments, corporate and public audiences, & campuses on subjects that bring about immediate changes and long-term results. He has consulted for Guaranty Trust Bank, Stanbic IBTC, 9PSB, Lagos State Government, Osun State Government, African Leadership Academy, Fifth Gear Consulting, and Speakers Academy, amongst others. He has addressed epoch-making events with the United State Consulate office, Professional business gatherings of DUBAI, Martin Luther King Jr Day, etc

His quest for knowledge and poise is his trademark, as he holds a Master’s degree, an MBA from one of the top 2 best universities in Africa, the University of Lagos, a Ph.D. in Educational Leadership from Trident University, the USA, & a second Doctorate in Strategic Leadership, Honoris Causa, from Myles Leadership University, all of which rest on the bedrock of a Bachelor of Sciences. He is active in the coaching community in Africa and in nation-building. He has been endorsed by global figures like Brian Tracy, John C. Maxwell, Scott Gerber, and many others.

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